About Dr. Seth G

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Dr. Seth Greenberg began his musical studies on the violin at the age of four. An idea introduced by his parents, the lessons lasted only for a year.

The turning point came as an 11-year-old after watching a video on MTV. Failing to persuade his parents to buy him the 16-piece drum set, eight cymbals, and a gigantic gong, they agreed to a rental guitar and lessons. 

A professional guitarist from 16, his two musical mentors, famed jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno and jazz pianist Jimmy Amadie, introduced Billy Bean's music to him and inspired him to forge his own artistic paths.

Several years after completing his B.A. in jazz guitar performance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he moved to Claremont, California to pursue graduate degrees at the Claremont Graduate University. At CGU, he received an M.A. in classical guitar performance and a Ph.D. in musicology. 

He teaches students in the Los Angeles area and across the world online to players of all ages and abilities. Players are a mixture of guitarists and other instrumentalists; he teaches them in-person and online. He also performs in a variety of musical settings within the U.S. and internationally.